Blantyre North Relief Project (BNRP)

Home Blantyre North Relief Project (BNRP) is a family charity organization without public membership. BNRP is a recognized Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Malawi, registered under Malawi Non-Governmental Organization Act 2000, Section 20 (3) (4).


History BRNP started its operations in 1985 with Mr. and Mrs. Sindima providing food and clothing to a handful children and elderly persons. The work expanded and currently BNRP serves 700 children.


Mission The mission of BNRP is to provide assistance to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, the elderly, physically challenged, and the chronically ill.


Philosophy BNRP is guided by principles of love and service, and the Malawian philosophy of human dignity (umunthu). BNRP does not to institutionalize orphans. Instead, BNRP builds houses for orphans in their own villages. BNRP is the only independent and private NGO in Malawi to build houses for orphans in their own villages.


Service BNRP is nonpartisan and non-secretarian in providing service. Therefore, BNRP does not discriminate on the basis of political or religious affiliation.


Projects BNRP focuses on basic needs: food, blankets, clothing, and housing in ten villages of Traditional Authority (TA) Chigaru in Blantyre District, Malawi.

Food: The major concern of orphans is food. Most orphans live with grandmothers without any means of supporting them. More than half of BNRP’s resources goes towards feeding children.

BNRP’s vision is to be self-sufficient in food production and to feed thousands of children and the elderly beyond the villages now being served. In 2003 BNRP acquired one hundred acres of land. Only a small portion of the land is currently being used because BNRP has no modern farm equipment. However on the small portion used, BNRP grows maize twice a year through irrigation (photo: Farm workers). Two thirds of the money for purchasing the irrigation pump was donated by the Youth of the Morrisville Community Church.

Clothing: BNRP gives clothing of all ages: pairs of trousers, shirts, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, tops, and sweaters. BNRP also gives out pairs of children’s shoes.

Blankets: BNRP gives out blankets, bed covers, pillows, and pillow cases.

Education: BNRP places great importance to education. BNRP pays tuition and fees for secondary school, vocational and career training. In addition, buys uniforms for all in school and provides school materials: pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, and school bags.

Housing: Shelter is one of the major projects BNRP undertakes each year for a family of three or more orphans without proper accommodation and relatives without homes to take them in. BNRP, using its own resources and labor, builds brick and corrugated iron roof houses for such unfortunate children.

Self-support: BNRP gives 50 kilogram bags of fertilizer to orphans with a small plot of land and old enough to grow their own vegetables and a little food. BNRP also gives two goats for milk to some orphans.

Future Plans: The desire of all orphans is security through education. BNRP wants to provide every capable orphan an opportunity for good education. To this goal, construction is underway for a technical high school and college to train thousands of orphans in various careers and professions.


Personnel BNRP is a family operation without employees. Everyone is a volunteer. Therefore, there are no overheads. All donations to BNRP go directly to the service for which they are designated.


Donations BNRP is primarily funded by the Sindima family, but BNRP accepts financial and material donations from anyone for any amount of money. If you want to partner with BNRP in one of its projects for orphans and the elderly, you may make a donation online with a credit card, or sending a check, or money order to:

Harvey Sindima,
101 Eaton Street
Hamilton, NY 13346

Or, you make a direct bank wire transfer to Malawi, but it will cost you $35. Should you prefer this way, please contact us for the routing and BNRP account number.


Contact Harvey Sindima (315) 824-8209. (USA and Canada). or

All others calls: (011-265) 166-0139, (265) 951-2334
Fax (011-265) 166-0139
E-mail or